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November 27, 2007

A Formatting We Will Go…

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Last week was a hectic week for my laptop. A very stressful week also. On Tuesday I had an appointment for an oil change and brake check up for my car. After this appointment I stopped at the cemetery where my father was buried. That night I had disturbing dreams of when my father was in the hospital and I couldn’t sleep anymore. So what did I do? I did something that I had been thinking about doing that last few weeks. I installed LinuxMint on kramer, the laptop.

By the time I had to go to work I had everything set up the way I liked it. I would put it through its pace that evening after work. After a few hours of “playing” with my new install and setting the layout as I liked it, I realised that It was exactly the same as Ubuntu once I had tweaked it. Why change Operating System when I was using the perfect one for my usage? So I flushed LinuxMint and installed Ubuntu once again.

I don’t know what I did but my laptop was sluggish and when I played video, the video was jerking and I tried a few things to repair it but to no avail. Friday evening I again re installed Gutsy Gibbon and now everything is up to par.

If you are switching to Linux for the first time I huge you to try out LinuxMint because it has everything you need installed. I you want a bit more control in what you are running go for Ubuntu.


November 19, 2007

iPod meet Seinfeld

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It is now official I have more songs on my iPod than ever before. After screwing it up last week I concentrated myself on loading songs on it and now I have more than 6000 songs on it. To top it all off since last evening I started to fool around converting my Seinfeld DVD box sets into mp4 files for the ‘Pod.

If you have been reading this post you’ll know that I have been calling my three computers Sidney, Newman and Kramer. Sidney for Sid Vicious the punk rocker that committed suicide after being accused of killing his whore girlfriend, Kramer for Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld and Newman for Jerry’s arch enemy, again from Seinfeld. And I would like to introduce to you my iPod which is named: Art Vandalay a George Constanza alias. As you can see I am a Seinfeld fan.

I mentioned in the other blog the reason for placing Seinfeld episodes on my iPod is that we will not have a lot of television shows to watch since no new shows are being produced because of the WGA strike.

I still haven’t used the Epiphany browser to its fullest, but I will, and I try Opera once again and then decide which browser is the best for me.

I guess that is it for now. This post was not really informative but hey what the hell? I’m felt like writing something; and something is better than nothing. See you later.

November 14, 2007

iPod Troubles Will Drive You Insane

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I know, I know that I have been lax in my blogging the last few weeks but I have good reasons for this. I was to write something about trying out Epiphany browser for gnome about two weeks ago but I did something stupid with my iPod. I decided to try Floola with the ‘Pod. I screwed it totally. It seem to work fine but it screwed up the artwork. What do I mean? Well the artwork did not match the song I was playing and there was no easy way to fix it so I initialize my iPod to the factory setting and started putting music back in. I now hate doing this. I had over 11 days of music in it!

After about a week and a half I had most of the songs back in and I was using the iPod as a memory stick to bring some files to work for a friend. I plugged it in the office computer and I was busy with customers and when I sat at the computer the ‘Pod was synced with my work computer. It was almost empty again. So last night I started installing songs back in the iPod. I am truly sick and tired of doing this. It was all my fault, damn me!

From what I saw of Floola it seems to be a good program, I recommend that you try it with an empty iPod so that you don’t screw it up. If after you installed a few different album with the covers these covers match with the songs, I think that a few of you would stick with it. One of the great features that floola had is that the program does not install in the computer so you can keep a copy in the iPod itself and install songs from any computer without installing an unwanted program on some one else’s computer.

I guess I have to continue putting more songs in my iPod so i”ll cut it short for this post. I promise you that you’ll have to wait a shorter time for my next post.

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