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November 26, 2006

Now Introducing …

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I decided to start a web site/page. A few months ago I had decided to start a web page. I wracked my brain to find a suitable name. I had decided on to go with “”, I wanted a dot com site but it was already taken. Then I was trying to decide what to do on this site, this took way too long, is taking too long, since I have not decided yet. Today I decide to take the plunge and register the web site. Low and behold, I took too long to do it and somebody else has taken it. That is what happen because of procrastination, see earlier post.

I have now decided on another web address after deciding not to use I was trying to find a word for the fear of Internet. Internet phobia is not cryptic enough. I then decided on, the fear of fear. No that won’t do. Let go on another tangent here, did you know that there is such a thing as fear of chopsticks? Yes the fear of chopsticks is Consecotaleophobia!

I must get back to my train of thought. How about this for a site address, too long a word to remember (fear of long words, a bit exaggerated). In the same vain as I found logizomechanophobia the fear of computer. I almost decided to go with this. But it was still too long. I continued to look at the phobia list ( ) until I was starting to get agateophobic (fear of insanity). I then decided to go with a Latin word. The word I decided on is sort of a private joke, that will not be if I continue writing in this over long post. (There is no word for fear of rambling on, and on, and on, and on, and on…) I decide to go with, drum roll: Take out you Latin to English dictionaries out and find out what it means.

In a few days I’ll have activation notice from my web host and then I’ll build it and do something. I hope I’ll have something in mind for the site by then.

P.S. spurius, in its English and Spanish form, is a sobriquet I have used before on the Internet.

P.P.S. If you wondering about the picture, this week I got The Beatles Love CD/DVD audio, and I don’t know if this is sacrilegious to say I like it, it is different. Buy it now because Paul will need the money to pay off his future gold digging ex.


November 21, 2006

Night Out

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Last evening I went to see Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. I really enjoyed it. It was offensive and parts of it was disgusting yet I was laughing the whole way through. You should all go and see it. It is a very intelligent comedy, a social commentary on the people of the “U S and A”.

Since the last time I posted something I reformatted my computer, I sort of lost me /home directory when I was fiddling about. I now know a chmod command that will make stuff disappear. I lost a whole bunch of data 26 Gigs worth, got most of it back. Other that that not much has been happening with me.

Back to Borat, The frat boys that are bringing the producer to court are showing us that the impressions of them we had in the movie are all true! They should stop their partying and start studying since they are not too bright. The first lesson I have for them is: if a producer starts feeding you with booze so that you can appear in a movie, be suspicious. Didn’t their parents tell them when they were young not to accept candy from a stranger?

November 1, 2006

Living On The Edge

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Last week I updated my Kubuntu machines from 6.06 code name Dapper Drake to 6.10 code name Edgy Eft. There were a few hitches in the update process. According to a few posting that I have read in the last few days, if I didn’t use my computer the process would have gone with out any problems.

One of the posts got me thinking, when I used Windows for all my computing needs I was constantly worried about virus’, made sure that I was updating windows every time there was an update, scan everything I downloaded… All these usual nuisances. With Ubuntu/Kubuntu there are newer versions coming out every 6 months, The next one is 7.04 code name Feisty Fawn. With these major updates every 6 months, I wonder why most linux users don’t complain. For years they have been saying the reason they changed to linux is because of all the reasons I stated above, and yet when Ubuntu has a new distribution, hurray!! The reason I switched was because I like to try new stuff. I don’t think that I’ll switch back to Windows, but never say never. The only thing that I miss from Windows is playing games and utorrent. I know, I know, I can run utorrent using wine and I can play games using cedega but I install it I’ll have issues when I upgrade to Feisty Fawn.

That is my two cents worth for this time around. See ya later

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