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February 28, 2008

VirtualBox Bug in Ubuntu and GoblinX

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As you know, being a faithful reader of Adventures in Computing, last weekend I wanted to try GoblinX but the CD I burned was corrupt and I did not have anymore at home. Well after writing the last post I tried GoblinX in a virtual cd drive in VirtualBox and VirtualBox could not capture my mouse. After googling it, I found out that their is a bug in the latest version of VirtualBox when it is used in Ubuntu with desktop effects and according to VirtualBox there is no solution to this critical problem. I have a very simple solution: turn off desktop effects and it works fine.

I have tried GolblinX as a liveCD and I like what I saw and what it did. I did try to install it using the HDinstaller that comes on the disc and I could not I did not have root privileges. I did not feel like work hard that night so I did not fool with it like I should have. I will work on it this weekend when I have more time. GoblinX looks good no matter which desktop environment you prefer. I have never used fluxbox so this is what I am going to try.

I am going to cut this post short because my supper is ready and I am hungry, hungry like the wolf as some would say.


February 26, 2008

Bad CD Changes Plan

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This weekend I tried to install GoblinX on Virtualbox and it did not work out. I think that the CD I burned was corrupt. I am out of discs so I couldn’t burn another one and try this one. I’ll try again when I get the chance to buy some discs. I’ll keep you posted on the GoblinX front. Maybe I’ll try again tonight because I am intrigued by GoblinX.

On my OpenGEU box I installed some updates this weekend and I did not lose sound, whoopee! OpenGeu will live to see another day. Unless I decide to install GoblinX on this computer. The next time I format my computers I’ll set them up so that I can install more than one GNU/Linux OS so that I can try more than a few distro at the time.

That is it for this short post. I only have one more to write before the end of the month and I hope it is about installing GoblinX on a virtual machine.

February 22, 2008

Problem Solving and Not Installing GoblinX

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I did not use my Kubuntu computer for over a week until my previous post on Tuesday. I booted it up and updated it and since there was an update to the kernel I decided to restart the computer. I logged in as usual and the KDE was going through its logging routine and low and behold I am back at the logging screen. I logging again same thing, what the hell? I change sessions to KDE 4.0.1 and I log in properly. I search the Internet to find out if I am the only one with this problem. I find nothing. I have a headache and must go to work. I start downloading GoblinX to try and to have something to write about in this post. I leave everything until I get back from work.

GoblinXGoblinX is done downloading. I decide to search for a solution to my problem and decide that if I can’t fix it I would try GoblinX. I find a solution. Apparently using Kubuntu is not recommended for English Canadians. The en-ca language pack is what was screwing up my Kubuntu logging. To fix this I had to remove the English Canadian language pack from my computer and everything now works fine.

Now my adventure with my OpenGEU computer. Last week I had lost sound on this box and after 30 minutes of searching I find out that I had to reinstall emodule-mixer and alsa, remove the mixer from the shelf it was one, restart the computer and when the computer was back on put the mixer back on the shelf. The sound was back. After an update on Wednesday I had no sound again. I repeat what I did last week and I have sound again. I hope I don’t have to do this after every updates. I decided that if I have to do this I’ll install GoblinX on this computer.

GoblinX will be installed on a virtual machine this weekend because I am intrigued with it. I’ll let you know about it in a future posting.

February 19, 2008

Nothing Going On

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Why did I promise to write 4 posts a month one one blog and at least a post a week on another? Damn myself! I have written anything on this blog for so long because I have nothing new to write about. I still have four posts to write. I haven’t really tried anything new since the last time. KDE 4.0.1 is slowly evolving but to be honest with you I haven’t even touched KDE for over a week.

I did reformat the computer that I had elive installed on. Now it has OpenGEU, which for those of you that don’t know is the re-vamped version of Geubuntu. This computer I have been using on a daily base. It is a fine environment for a computer with limited resources. Everything else is the same.

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