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July 29, 2007

Jean Francois Xavier Charles Bissonnnette Rest in Peace

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At 9:04 July 18th my father pasted away. I will miss him. I love you Dad.


July 13, 2007

First Look at PCLinuxOS

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PCLinuxOs is the new star of the GNU/Linux world. A few weeks ago I decided to give it a try to see what all the hoopla was about. I tried to run it in VMWare virtual machine but I had too many issues. I then tried it in VirtualBox, another virtual machine, different issues. Finally one Monday, July 9th, I did a regular install.

PCLinuxOS, like so many these days, is installed from a live cd. The experience is a pleasant one. I did not perused the live cd before installing, being well versed with GNU/Linux. This is a feature for those disillusioned Windows users or the adventurous. It is a fine way to try out a GNU/Linux distribution before taking the plunge for the first time.

When the disc boots up I answer a few questions to set the language, time, stuff like that. Once the desktop appears and I hear the KDE music I click on the install button. PCLinuxOs installs in an amazing 15 minutes and 10 seconds, wow that is fast, faster than me beloved Ubuntu. During the installation I am asked where to install, if you are new to GNU/Linux and you still want a security blanket use only a part of the hard drive and keep windows as a fall back OS. If you give GNU/Linux a chance and don’t give up easy you’ll never go back to windows. The last thing you’ll be asked is about grub, I recommend to OK at the recommended setting, 10 seconds.

After the reboot I look to see if there are updates because the ISO is over one month old and there has been some improvements to a few packages. No automatic updates? No I can’t find it, so I fire up synaptic and do a manual update. Now I know why it took only 15 minutes to install compared with about 20 minutes with Ubuntu. Ubuntu checks for updates at the end of the installation. This must be an oversight by the PCLinuxOS programmer and should be fixed by the next release.

The updates took 49 minutes and 24 minutes to download and install. I reboot the computer since I believe there is a new kernel build. One of the only times you have to reboot after installing something in GNU/Linux. Now I have a complete working OS with everything updated. You may say that 50 minutes for updates is just a bad as windows, well it is not! I don’t have to install burning software, got it, don’t need to install an anti virus program, don’t need it. With PCLinuxOS I have lots of multimedia codecs preinstalled so I don’t have to install them. The last time I installed XP it took me about three hours to be at the same point I am now with PCLinuxOS. So I have a bit less than 2 hours to set everything the way I like it.

The first thing I do is set up the screen resolution to 1680×1050 which was made easy. Everything I needed was in the Administration Center. I had to configure my monitor and then change the resolution. The next thing I wanted was eye candy. So, still in the Administration Center, I liked on the “Configure

3D Desktop Effects. What my video card does not support 3D, bull crap, it does. I change the video package from nv to the nvidia propriety package and tried again. It works. Unfortunately for PCLinuxOS the changing of the nvidia package should be done like Ubuntu, automatic. I hope that they change that for the next release.

One thing that PCLinuxOS got right and better than Ubuntu is the setting up of the printer. I clicked Set Up Printer and chose on this computer and it saw it right away I clicked next and then done and I was done.

I then change the wallpaper, added a panel on top, moved Icons installed gtkpod for the new Ipod and then i was done. It took me 75 minutes to install, update and modify PCLinuxOS for my tastes. Everything seems to work fine. I keep you updated in future posts.

That is it for this long post, it was way longer before I decided to edit it. I hope you did not find it boring and I also hope that I did not jump to much details for you tech heads. See ya later.

July 9, 2007

And the winner is…

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In the last post I had asked for your help in deciding which desktop I should use on one of my machine. Because of reader apathy, only two vote, There was a tie between Red Martini and blue Martini. So I will be deciding on the desktop I’ll be using. Drum roll please, the winner is Red Martini.

On other news, I have upgraded my other computers RAM to 4 GB from 1GB. Wow I still haven’t put the computer through its pace to see the amelioration, if any. I will be updating you on the progress I am making with Fedora 7 and PCLinuxOS in the next posts, since I haven’t taken the time to work with them, The 4 GB RAM will help in running the virtual machine, that I will be using with Fedora and as I am writing this I am installing PCLinuxOS on one of my computers.

I guess this will be a short post. You know what they say “a short post is better than no post at all”. See you later.

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