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January 19, 2008

KDE 4.0: A Stepping Stone

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Last year at the end of January an operating system was release which a lot of people were disappointed with and refusing to change over to it. You all know that I am talking about Vista. When it came out there were no drivers for existing hardware. It took to much space on the hard drive. It basically takes a super computer for all its features to work properly. It doesn’t work the same as Windows XP, etc… etc… etc… A lot of people in the linux camp and even the Windows camp were saying that Microsoft released an Operating System that should not have been release before they worked out all the kinks.

Fast forward a year. Last week KDE 4.0 was released and there are a few things that are missing. We the users of KDE have lost options that we had in the 3.5.8 version of KDE 4.0. For example I can’t figure out how to add another panel on the desktop. I can’t even re-size the existing panel. The new menu system is horrible. There are a lot of Linux users complaining and there are as many Linux users defending the new KDE 4.0. Last year the same was being said about Vista. I think that we are too fast at complaining, we want instant results. I have been playing a bit with Vista and it is not as bad as everybody says it is, there are a lot of stuff I don’t like about it but there is some that I like. With that said I would not choose it as my OS.

KDE 4.0 is a stepping stone for greater things to come. If you are switching from Windows or Vista to Linux and you want to work with KDE I strongly recommend you go with KDE 3.5.8 for now and hopefully within a year KDE 4.1 will be out and will have a few of its annoyances worked out.

I have to say to the KDE 4.0 developers you can’t satisfy everybody all the time, we end users are bastards, when something is not to our liking we will complain until the cows come home and when it works fine we usually don’t say a word. I would like thank all the developers of KDE 4.0 for all your hard work and dedication to the cause of free open source software, keep up all the good work.

Edit:  I’ve added in the comments a link to a tentative releases schedule for KDE4.  I did not have this information when I wrote this post.


January 12, 2008

KDE The Next Generation

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Yesterday KDE 4.0 Was unleashed to the world. I got home from work late last evening so all I did was install it using this guide from Kubuntu. I checked if it was working, it was. I decided to rest and keep my adventurous soul in check and wait until this evening to check it out. After trying it out for the last hour or so I like the look of it and I have a lot of forgetting how KDE 3.5.8 works and learn a new way of doing things if I am going to use KDE 4.0. I find it harder than Enlightenment at the moment and Enlightenment is very different than anything else out there.

I won’t get rid of my trusty KDE 3.5.8 yet but I’ll use KDE 4.0 from now on to get used to it because KDE 3.5.8 will be forgotten by next year? Maybe, maybe not, only time will tell.

January 9, 2008

The Geubuntu Failure

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In Geubuntu, for one reason or another, the repositories for Geubuntu and Enlightenment are not there. Last night I added them and updated my system. I also screwed up my system. The Gnome panel at the top of the desktop was hiding but not coming back. I was pissed off because I could not get it back so the simplest thing to do was to re-install and start over. I am used to this so I decided to give Elive another chase. I shouldn’t says another chance, I should say a fair chance. I installed it and low and behold the screen resolution was perfect. I followed the same instructions as with Geubuntu to get the Thunar File Manager able to view the other computers in my network.

I’ll continue to “play” around with Elive and keep you up to date.

January 3, 2008

The Elive Failure

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Thank goodness one of my resolutions for this year was not to run Elive for six month. Yesterday I got rid of it and replaced it with geubuntu. This was all the Thunar file manager’s fault. Thunar has no native network ability. As you regular readers know I have several computers and I want to be able to use any file from any computer no matter which computer I am using at the time. With Thunar I could not do it, at first. I found a helpful guide that explained how to do this for Xubuntu. I wanted a quick fix to this situation and when after about 15 minutes of trying to change my previlege I simply gave up and said to myself “self, this guide is for Xubuntu it should work for Geubuntu,” I did not have to twist my arm within 20 minutes I had Geubuntu installed. After another half hour, I had to install all the updates and nvidia driver, I had the same problem.

At this point I should mention that I had another situation with elive that at first I was going to live with but with the “non”-file sharing between computers made this unacceptable. For one reason or another I could not get the screen resolution to work with elive. On this computer I am using a LCD monitor that has a resolution of 1440×900. In elive when I set this as my resolution my monitor was to small, what I mean is that I was not seeing the complete screen. As I moved my cursor to the edge of the screen I would see that part of the screen. I had tried changing the video driver but to no avail so I set it up to 1280×800 and only at this resolution was I able to see the complete desktop on my screen. It looked distorted of course. In Geubuntu after installing the “resricted” nvidia driver I could see the desktop as it should be in wonderful wide screen 1440×900 resolution. Just this has made it worth while to switch to Geubuntu. Now back to the Thunar situation.

I followed the instructions that I had found for Xubuntu, until it says to go in the Users and Group. Geubuntu has no Users and Group in the system menu. I screwed around a bit and figured how to change my previlege so that I could use the fuse file system. I haven’t figured out how to auto start fusesmb yet, all I have to do is run the command: “fusesmb /media/network” and it works. I have to remember to do this when I start up the computer.

January 1, 2008

Fully Enlightened

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eliveAs previously reported I was trying Geubuntu and Elive-Gem on virtual machines. Now I decided to take a bigger step: I have just installed Elive 1.2.4 on one of my computers. Why did I choose Elive over Geubuntu? I must say that Ubuntu and Kubuntu are my operating system of choice and that is the reason that decided to go with Elive, Geubuntu would have been another Ubuntu flavour. I know that Elive is based on Debian as is Ubuntu but Elive does not depend on Ubuntu as Geubuntu does. So the next few weeks I will be learning to do things slightly differently and I shall keep you updated.

Installing Elive on the computer was very easy even an amateur could do it. It is as simple as pooping in the install CD in the tray, rebooting the computer from the CD ROM/DVD ROM a few clicks to choose language video driver and you have the live desktop working. Clicking on the install icon will get you to partition your hard drive and decide where to install the root directory and if you want to create other file directories. You then choose passwords for root and users when all this is done you have to restart the computer. As with all Linux systems you have to log in the system when it starts and you will be asked to enter the root password to “tweak” the system and voila it is done. Now let the fun begin.

I don’t know if the previous paragraph constitute educating you, the reader, something about Linux as mandated in my previous post, for now it will have to do. I have not broken any of my new year resolutions yet but the new year is only 13 hours and 33 minutes old at the time I am writing this.

I have to mention that every time I try a new Linux distribution it takes less time to install than ever, pretty soon we will find that waiting more than five minutes for an installation a tedious affair.

I will call this post, the first of many for 2008, done. So I’ll keep you updated in my computing affairs.

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