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October 24, 2008

Intrepid Ibex Release Candidate Out Now

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The release candidate for Ubuntu 8.10 (code name: Intrepid Ibex) can now be downloaded from here.  I will be installing it on my new MSI Wind.  Why have I chosen the Wind  over the Mini 9?  The size of the hard drive (80 Gigs) was the main reason.  I can’t wait to try both of them out.

I am downloading the iso file at this moment and will be installing it on the Wind before I go to work.  I’ll only be able to play with my new toy after work.  I’ll let you know how it went in a future post.


September 22, 2008

Converting One Person At The Time

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On Sunday I installed Ubuntu 8.04.1 AMD on my friends laptop, an Acer.  I won’t go into detail how easy the installation and tweaking was.  I was done within an hour.  I have been trying to convince Jacques since he got his laptop in 2007 to try Ubuntu.  He finally asked me to do it last week, I think he was tired of me bugging him.

Before I did his upgrade to an operating system that works out of the box and is very secure and looks great, I had been wanting to update my Dell Vostro laptop’s BIOS and I had to this from a bootable DOS disk since the BIOS is only available as an .exe file.  I decided that I would create a DOS bootable USB stick.  I found a few how to’s on how to do this from a linux based computer.  Nothing I tried worked.  I took the decision that in October when I would upgrade to Ubuntu 8.10, I would either install XP and have a dual boot or install XP just for updating the BIOS then format the hard drive and install Ibex.

With Jacques laptop at home I had another option to update the BIOS.  I removed both hard drives from the two laptops, placed Jacques’ HD in my Vostro 1500 and installed the BIOS updates from XP.  It worked.  It took less time than trying to create a bootable DOS USB stick.  I think that I’ll create a USB with XP that is bootable with my eeePC just in case there are more updates to the BIOS.  Problem solving is my forte.

September 19, 2008

Microsoft Fires Seinfeld?

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The new Microsoft ad was aired yesterday.  They have gotten rid of Jerry Seinfeld and they are going after Apple.  You can judge for yourself.

I wear glasses, I wear jeans, I have a ring, I blog, I shave, I have one ring, I am connected to a billion people world wide, I’m a PC and I am a human being, I use linux for human being, I use Ubuntu.  I am not a stereotype.

What is the point they are trying to push across?  All the attributes they mention in this latest commercial can be said of Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD users.  Even none computers users.  It seems to me that they are afraid of losing their consumer base and they are trying to convince them not to leave for a better system.

I wonder if they will go after Linux?  I guess we will have to wait.

September 12, 2008

Shuttleworth: Ubuntu As Pretty As Apple In Two Years

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With Mark Shuttleworth’s commitment to have Ubuntu out do Apple within two years (see Information Week article, see Mark Shuttleworth blog), he proves to us that he doesn’t have cold feet.  He has decided not to thread in the kiddies pool, instead he is jumping in with both feet in the deep end.  I applaud this since I can’t tell enough people about the virtues of Ubuntu and Linux in general,  I do try though.

I hope we, the present users of Ubuntu, will be happy with the results because we have supported Ubuntu since almost the begining (In my case two years ago yesterday), we have invest so much time getting everything right on our computers while using Ubuntu.  I am sure we will be getting more Ubuntu users and we will lose some.  I guess that is the nature of the beast.

Second Seinfeld Microsoft Ad

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Here is the second Microsoft commercial featuring Seinfeld and Gates:

So is it trying to sell me Vista or teach me how to live off of strangers?  I am not sure.  I laughed, I cried, I installed Ubuntu on another computer.  I guess the commercial is not working.  Well maybe it is, because I promote Linux (especially Ubuntu) to everybody that dares to talk with me about computers and right now I am writing about Microsoft.  The commercial must have something subliminal in it.

p.s. I actually laughed watching this commercial because of the absurdity of the situation.

p.p.s I wonder if what they are using on the sons computer, that Bill says will never come out, is a Linux Operating System that he does not want to compete against or us to use?

September 5, 2008

Mark Shuttleworth Having Cold Feet?

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While surfing the net I read this article from The Register which states that Mark Shuttleworth is “nervous of encouraging people to substitute Windows for Linux”.  My first impression was What?  Why?  Must be a typo or he must have been misquoted.  I hope so, because if the main financial contributor behind Ubuntu does not believe in it, how should we the end users feel?  If Bill Gates did not believe in Windows he would not have made that silly commercial with Jerry Seinfeld.

Maybe it is just a ploy to get the developers to work harder at getting the Ubuntu Desktop as good as possible.  I just don’t know.

Have You Seen The New Microsoft Ad?

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What do you think of Seinfeld & Gates commercial for shoes, or is it for Microsoft?  I’m not sure after seeing it.  I find it hilarious but will it convince people to switch to Vista?  I don’t think so.

Maybe Canonical should hire Micheal Richards to plug Ubuntu…  Maybe not.

September 4, 2008

Ubuntu Has To Become Boring To Succeed

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I took a break from blogging last month, in fact I took a break from using computers other than work and simple Internet surfing.  Last week I “fixed” a friends computer that was infected by a rogue virus.  Of course that computer has XP as the operating system.  While I was scanning and removing the virus’s from that computer I was thinking of how we could get Ubuntu as the most used operating system.  We can tell everybody the advantages of an open source OS for one reason or another this is not enough.  Most computer users do not want their OS to change.  They want it to be the same all the time, that is why Windows Vista is failing to capture the hearts of Windows users.

I think that if Ubuntu wants to succeed as a Desktop OS for everybody, there should be a everything works version that is released every two years.  This new version would be the least cutting edge of the family with only security updates.  The LTS version for the commercial users still continues to come out every two years, but not the same year as the new Ubuntu.  The October releases (X.10) for advanced users (make this one bleeding edge).  I think that it might work.  For Ubuntu to succeed as a mass market desktop it has to be “dummied” down.

I will be posting again at a regular pace again.

August 13, 2008

Getting You Up To Date

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I have gone missing for over two weeks, I was on vacation and I sort of took some time off of working on my computers.  I have now returned and my post will be more frequent.  The first thing on my agenda  is the Dell RAM situation I told you about in my last post.  Last week when I got home I called the Dell service line to get them to ship me the replacement RAM for my Vostro laptop.  They told me that I would get the 1 Gb RAM card within 10 business days.  The courier tried to deliver it to me 18 hours after I hung up with Dell.  I was not at home so I called them and got it delivered to my place of work the following day.  I still have to return the defective part.

Before I had the problem with my Vostro 1500 laptop, I was thinking of getting a MSI Wind netbook.  My eeePC is still working fine but I find the keyboard painfully tiny, it is hard to type with accuracy since I have normal adult hands.  I think the keyboard was designed for child.  The service that I got from Dell was great so I might wait until the release their mini Inspiron which wil be release, hopefully, in the near future.  I have a suspicion that when it is releases it will have ubuntu’s netbook OEM pre-installed.

I have also read  somewhere on the Internet that Apple will have a true netbook in 2009.  I used to have an Apple Macintosh which I really liked at the time.  I would keep OS X but I would have a dual boot with Ubuntu as my main OS.

I am not sure what I will do but I will keep you in touch.  Tomorrow is m day off so I intend to remove OpenSuse and Install Kubuntu on one of my computer I want try KDE 4.1.  I am sure They have made improvements to 4.0.

This evening I tried to get Goblinx on my eeePC but I could not get X to start.  I think that the screen resolution is what is preventing X to work.  I am tired so after an hour I have decided to take a break.

I guess that is it for today I sit back and watch the Olympics on television

July 26, 2008

Dell Laptop RAM Fails. Dell Service Saves The Day

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Last night my laptop froze while I was moving data from the hard drive to a usb memory stick.  Nothing was working, I had to turn off the computer by pressing on the power switch until the computer turned off.  I restarted the computer and I was getting noting except the power indicator light, the DVD drive light and the caps lock light were on.  It was late so I did not fool around with it too much.

I am presently on vacation and staying at my mothers house on the river.  There is no internet at my mom’s so I could not research what was happening to my laptop (Dell vostro 1500).  This morning I decided to drive to my apartment in “the city” and try to figure out what was going on.  I was not even getting the Dell splash screen nothing was happening with the computer.  I read a bunch of forums to see if anybody had any idea what was going on.  I read that it was the RAM, I read it was the hard drive, I read that it was the CPU, I read that it was the motherboard, …etc.

I check on Dell’s Canadian site to see if I was still under warranty and thank goodness I still have 26 days of warranty on my laptop.  Worse case scenario I send the vostro to Dell and they fix, I might lose a bit of data.  I call the tole free number to see if they can help me out before I send in the computer.  I try a lot of things, after a half hour on the phone we figured out that the problem lies with the RAM failing.  They are upgrading their system at Dell so it takes another 30 minutes before the tech confirms that they’ll ship out a replacement for my faulty RAM.  I am glad that I can fix this myself and that I will not lose any of the data on my computer.

Last year when I ordered my Dell laptop, Ubuntu pre-installed was not available in Canada.  I got my computer with Windows XP and when I got it I installed Ubuntu right away.  These days a Canadian consumer can get three systems from Dell With Ubuntu pre-installed.  I own two Dell computers and with both  I had a small problem with each one and when I called the support line they were able to help me out so I will recommend Dell to anybody that is looking for a great computer with Ubuntu as its operating system.  It’s all about the service.  We all hear about bad service it is time that we hear about good service.

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