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July 26, 2008

Dell Laptop RAM Fails. Dell Service Saves The Day

Filed under: Dell, Ubuntu, Vostro 1500 — Normand Bissonnette @ 9:09 pm

Last night my laptop froze while I was moving data from the hard drive to a usb memory stick.  Nothing was working, I had to turn off the computer by pressing on the power switch until the computer turned off.  I restarted the computer and I was getting noting except the power indicator light, the DVD drive light and the caps lock light were on.  It was late so I did not fool around with it too much.

I am presently on vacation and staying at my mothers house on the river.  There is no internet at my mom’s so I could not research what was happening to my laptop (Dell vostro 1500).  This morning I decided to drive to my apartment in “the city” and try to figure out what was going on.  I was not even getting the Dell splash screen nothing was happening with the computer.  I read a bunch of forums to see if anybody had any idea what was going on.  I read that it was the RAM, I read it was the hard drive, I read that it was the CPU, I read that it was the motherboard, …etc.

I check on Dell’s Canadian site to see if I was still under warranty and thank goodness I still have 26 days of warranty on my laptop.  Worse case scenario I send the vostro to Dell and they fix, I might lose a bit of data.  I call the tole free number to see if they can help me out before I send in the computer.  I try a lot of things, after a half hour on the phone we figured out that the problem lies with the RAM failing.  They are upgrading their system at Dell so it takes another 30 minutes before the tech confirms that they’ll ship out a replacement for my faulty RAM.  I am glad that I can fix this myself and that I will not lose any of the data on my computer.

Last year when I ordered my Dell laptop, Ubuntu pre-installed was not available in Canada.  I got my computer with Windows XP and when I got it I installed Ubuntu right away.  These days a Canadian consumer can get three systems from Dell With Ubuntu pre-installed.  I own two Dell computers and with both  I had a small problem with each one and when I called the support line they were able to help me out so I will recommend Dell to anybody that is looking for a great computer with Ubuntu as its operating system.  It’s all about the service.  We all hear about bad service it is time that we hear about good service.



  1. […] be more frequent.  The first thing on my agenda  is the Dell RAM situation I told you about in my last post.  Last week when I got home I called the Dell service line to get them to ship me the replacement […]

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  2. So what do u do if u are out of warreentee ? any sugestions ? I do have this problems n it seems dos is locked

    Comment by Penelope J. Linner — November 11, 2009 @ 10:20 am

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