Adventures In Computing

April 16, 2008

Windows XP on Noisy Computer

Filed under: Funny, Humor, Humour, Windows XP — Normand Bissonnette @ 12:40 am

computerI am a glutton for punishment!  A co-worker asked me to clean up her computer and do what it is needed to make it go fast.  When I had time to do some work on it I turned it on.  Holy cow!  THE NOISE coming from the fan was unbelievable.  I have a computer that I found noisy but after hearing this computer my “noisy” computer can be considered whisper quiet.  I installed Windows XP on “Noisy” and the usual anti-virus and anti adware/spyware.  I set up a few accounts because this computer will be used as a family computer.  I set up Internet Explorer so that the younger members of the family could not access “adult” sites.  I had this computer going for about four hours and had a splitting headache.  This computer was producing so much heat I had to open a few windows to cool the apartment down.

Tomorrow I have to finish installing applications on this computer.  I hope it does not take too long because I can’t stand the noise coming from this computer.  I can’t even use my iPod because the noise drowns it out.  My neighbors have not complained yet but I am sure that they will if I don’t finish doing all the work as soon as possible.

p.s. I believe the computer was making a lot of noise because it wanted me to install Ubuntu or any other Linux operating system.


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