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January 3, 2008

The Elive Failure

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Thank goodness one of my resolutions for this year was not to run Elive for six month. Yesterday I got rid of it and replaced it with geubuntu. This was all the Thunar file manager’s fault. Thunar has no native network ability. As you regular readers know I have several computers and I want to be able to use any file from any computer no matter which computer I am using at the time. With Thunar I could not do it, at first. I found a helpful guide that explained how to do this for Xubuntu. I wanted a quick fix to this situation and when after about 15 minutes of trying to change my previlege I simply gave up and said to myself “self, this guide is for Xubuntu it should work for Geubuntu,” I did not have to twist my arm within 20 minutes I had Geubuntu installed. After another half hour, I had to install all the updates and nvidia driver, I had the same problem.

At this point I should mention that I had another situation with elive that at first I was going to live with but with the “non”-file sharing between computers made this unacceptable. For one reason or another I could not get the screen resolution to work with elive. On this computer I am using a LCD monitor that has a resolution of 1440×900. In elive when I set this as my resolution my monitor was to small, what I mean is that I was not seeing the complete screen. As I moved my cursor to the edge of the screen I would see that part of the screen. I had tried changing the video driver but to no avail so I set it up to 1280×800 and only at this resolution was I able to see the complete desktop on my screen. It looked distorted of course. In Geubuntu after installing the “resricted” nvidia driver I could see the desktop as it should be in wonderful wide screen 1440×900 resolution. Just this has made it worth while to switch to Geubuntu. Now back to the Thunar situation.

I followed the instructions that I had found for Xubuntu, until it says to go in the Users and Group. Geubuntu has no Users and Group in the system menu. I screwed around a bit and figured how to change my previlege so that I could use the fuse file system. I haven’t figured out how to auto start fusesmb yet, all I have to do is run the command: “fusesmb /media/network” and it works. I have to remember to do this when I start up the computer.

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  1. This is the first page I got searching for a solution to the 1440×900 problem.

    I fixed mine by finding out the correct horizontal and vertical sync settings from my monitor manufacturers site.
    Then run

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

    I made sure that 1440×900 was marked as an available mode, and changed to the correct sync which is the last setting. Elive seems pretty cool, it would be a shame if a little problem like this turned people off.

    Comment by Davo — January 14, 2008 @ 2:12 am

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