Adventures In Computing

January 1, 2008

Fully Enlightened

Filed under: Elive-Gem, Enlightenment, Geubuntu, GNU/Linux, Kubuntu, Linux, Ubuntu — Normand Bissonnette @ 4:56 pm

eliveAs previously reported I was trying Geubuntu and Elive-Gem on virtual machines. Now I decided to take a bigger step: I have just installed Elive 1.2.4 on one of my computers. Why did I choose Elive over Geubuntu? I must say that Ubuntu and Kubuntu are my operating system of choice and that is the reason that decided to go with Elive, Geubuntu would have been another Ubuntu flavour. I know that Elive is based on Debian as is Ubuntu but Elive does not depend on Ubuntu as Geubuntu does. So the next few weeks I will be learning to do things slightly differently and I shall keep you updated.

Installing Elive on the computer was very easy even an amateur could do it. It is as simple as pooping in the install CD in the tray, rebooting the computer from the CD ROM/DVD ROM a few clicks to choose language video driver and you have the live desktop working. Clicking on the install icon will get you to partition your hard drive and decide where to install the root directory and if you want to create other file directories. You then choose passwords for root and users when all this is done you have to restart the computer. As with all Linux systems you have to log in the system when it starts and you will be asked to enter the root password to “tweak” the system and voila it is done. Now let the fun begin.

I don’t know if the previous paragraph constitute educating you, the reader, something about Linux as mandated in my previous post, for now it will have to do. I have not broken any of my new year resolutions yet but the new year is only 13 hours and 33 minutes old at the time I am writing this.

I have to mention that every time I try a new Linux distribution it takes less time to install than ever, pretty soon we will find that waiting more than five minutes for an installation a tedious affair.

I will call this post, the first of many for 2008, done. So I’ll keep you updated in my computing affairs.


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