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June 4, 2007

When You Tought It Was Safe…

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Hi I’m back. After a 7 month hiatus I have decided to write some more. Why haven’t I written? What did I do with myself? How have I been? Where have I been? Are all questions you want me to answer I’m sure. There is not enough space on the Internet for me to answer all these questions, so I won’t.

All I’ll tell you is that I have a website that is in perpetual construction. It’s not even worth posting a link or even talking about it, so I’ll stop now. Also my father is not well and I have been taking it badly. I am hoping that maybe by writing about it will help me cope with it. He has been diagnosed with myelodysplasia. If you need to know more about this rare disease go to: it will enlighten and depress you at the same time.

On other news I am still using Ubuntu and Kubuntu. I have installed in a virtual machine LinuxMint, PCLinuxOS and Fedora 7. I will experiment with them in the coming weeks and will tell you what I think of them. My first impressions are I like Mintlinux, Hate PClinuxOS and Fedora 7 is so so. Now these judgements are only having tried them for 15 minutes. It would not be fair of me if I didn’t give the operating system a fair shake, so I will try to use them with an open mind and give them the opportunity to show me why I should switch to them. On to other thing.

Last week I decided to start another blog ( and ditch this one. The day after I wrote my first entry to the No Name Blog (, I decide to see when I posted my last entry and I noticed that I had been using GNU/Linux for over a year. I read these entries and decided that I would spread myself thinly and maintain this blog and write the No Name Blog also ( This one will basically stay as it was and the No Name Blog ( would be something different. I think that I’ll try to be more creative with the No Name Blog ( The No Name Blog ( will have at least a post every week and this one I’ll try to post four times a month but not necessarily one a week, i.e. I might post twice in one week and not the following week.

I have not posted a picture this time but I will next time. That’s it for now. Remember to give blood and if you want to donate to the Aplastic Anemia and Myelodysplasia Association of Canada go to: You can find an association in you country by doing a search. Thank you very much.

Oh I almost forgot to mention that with No Name Blog ( I decided to try wordpress. I might as well do like OS’s, try them all.

No Name Blog –>


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  1. That was long, 8 months since the last information. I can feel that you have things to talk about.

    I’ll be watching to catch all your blogs in the future.


    Comment by JACQUES — June 5, 2007 @ 8:30 pm

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