Adventures In Computing

November 21, 2006

Night Out

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Last evening I went to see Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. I really enjoyed it. It was offensive and parts of it was disgusting yet I was laughing the whole way through. You should all go and see it. It is a very intelligent comedy, a social commentary on the people of the “U S and A”.

Since the last time I posted something I reformatted my computer, I sort of lost me /home directory when I was fiddling about. I now know a chmod command that will make stuff disappear. I lost a whole bunch of data 26 Gigs worth, got most of it back. Other that that not much has been happening with me.

Back to Borat, The frat boys that are bringing the producer to court are showing us that the impressions of them we had in the movie are all true! They should stop their partying and start studying since they are not too bright. The first lesson I have for them is: if a producer starts feeding you with booze so that you can appear in a movie, be suspicious. Didn’t their parents tell them when they were young not to accept candy from a stranger?

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