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November 1, 2006

Living On The Edge

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Last week I updated my Kubuntu machines from 6.06 code name Dapper Drake to 6.10 code name Edgy Eft. There were a few hitches in the update process. According to a few posting that I have read in the last few days, if I didn’t use my computer the process would have gone with out any problems.

One of the posts got me thinking, when I used Windows for all my computing needs I was constantly worried about virus’, made sure that I was updating windows every time there was an update, scan everything I downloaded… All these usual nuisances. With Ubuntu/Kubuntu there are newer versions coming out every 6 months, The next one is 7.04 code name Feisty Fawn. With these major updates every 6 months, I wonder why most linux users don’t complain. For years they have been saying the reason they changed to linux is because of all the reasons I stated above, and yet when Ubuntu has a new distribution, hurray!! The reason I switched was because I like to try new stuff. I don’t think that I’ll switch back to Windows, but never say never. The only thing that I miss from Windows is playing games and utorrent. I know, I know, I can run utorrent using wine and I can play games using cedega but I install it I’ll have issues when I upgrade to Feisty Fawn.

That is my two cents worth for this time around. See ya later

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