Adventures In Computing

October 4, 2006

Complete Failure

Filed under: Uncategorized — Normand Bissonnette @ 4:47 pm

I have failed to install Mac OS X on my Kubuntu computer using VMWare. That is right I have failed. I haven’t given up, I have retreated and I am rounding up my troups and will attack later. In other words I have postponed trying it again after spending about 6 hours on it and not succeeding. Instead I installed FreeBSD an BSD Unix operating system ( ). I’ll work on that one until I am good at it. FreeBSD is sorta like linux, but it is not linux. I have a lot to learn yet before I become a master.

I am sure you have heard about the FireFox vulnerability that was on the Internet for 2 straight days. It was a hoax. I am informing you about this since the Internet news services were talking about this “vulnerability” and now that it is known as a hoax I only saw one story about it.

Symantic and McAfee are crying foul over MS vista having it’s own virus protection. I thing that these two companies are bottom feeders since they don’t want a secure operating system out there because they’ll be out of a job. I am siding with Microsoft on this issue.

That is it for now, See ya later

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