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September 27, 2006

Too Many Stats!

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I think I have been omitting some items you may find interesting. First off I have been talking about Windows and Linux. Most people already know about Windows since about 95% of all computer have a version of it installed. A bit less than 4% use MacOS, and guess what only .47% use linux, any form of linux. Can you believe that? Well I can, since most of us want to lead our lives with the least obstacles in our path, when we get a computer, windows is on it, why change it? My personal answer is: because I can. I know that after trying two linux flavors I will probably never go back to 100% Windows. I think that most people would find it hard to work with linux, because it is not the same as Windows. I think we shouldn’t knock each other choice of OS. I also think that we should try something else, you know what they say “variety is the spice of life”.

With that said here are a few links to free linux operating systems, so that if you choose too you can try it and decide for yourself. You can find SuSE at: , Ubuntu at: , Kubuntu at: , Fedora at: , and there are a lot more out there. I decided to link only to free distributions so that you can try it with no money going out of your pockets. Maybe one day Windows will loose a big chunk of its market share (I think it will) since security, for us users, doesn’t seem to be on its agenda. They say it is and they’ll prove it with Vista. Only time will tell. Once upon a time Internet Explorer had over 90% of the market share, now it is around 82% and Firefox did not exist until 2004 and 12% of us Internet surfers now use it. I believe that with better products out there everybody benefits.

For a future project I’ll be attempting to install a MacOS in Vmware so that I’ll have the ability to work with three OS’s, no discrimination here. I guess that is it for this time. See you all later.


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