Adventures In Computing

September 26, 2006

A Window on Linux

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Today I installed VMware on my Kubuntu box. For the layman this means I can run in a window another operating system. I installed Windows XP pro. I also installed an anti-virus program, Kaspersky, which also provides a firewall. I decided to try Kaspersky firewall instead of XP’s, and I installed Window Defender and Spybot – Search and Destroy to protect XP from spyware and adware. I didn’t miss using these electronic prophylactics to protect my computer from all the ITD’s (Internet Transmitted Disease). I almost forgot that it takes more time installing the protection than the protected. All this hassle so that I can try something new, am I a glutton for punishment? I guess I am.

I still don’t know what the picture I posted last time, I guess I’ll never know. I am scanning the virtual Windows as I am writing this and I already have 3 minor spyware threats. A fresh install, connect to the internet to download updates and spyware/adware protection and Windows is already letting stuff in the backdoor.

On “the Site” front, there is no front! Nothing has been done, that procrastination thing again (see the post titled Procrastination). The good new is that I am posting more often now. Well, maybe that is bad news.

That’s all I have for now, see ya.

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