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September 12, 2006

It’s Been a Long Time

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When everybody thought it was over, its head pops back up and it roars “Hello, I’m back!” It’s been a long time, hopefully the wait was worth it? You tell me. I basically took the summer off of blogging. I actually took weeks off of computing! That is right, you read that correctly I turn off my computer for two straight weeks. Now that is amazing if I have to say so myself.

What is new with me you might ask yourself? Not much! that is why there were no blogs. I should not say that, there are new things and new projects in the works. You might not see another blog from me for another while.

I am now trying Ubuntu as a operating system, just installed it yesterday. I think I like it better than SuSE. Easier to install, takes about 15 minutes to install instead of one hour and a half with SuSE (I install both gnome and kde in SuSE). I install xgl and compiz on new machine and my desktop is now so freaky that sometimes it give me a headache, no I think the lack of sleep is giving me a headache. I should say that both are giving me a headache. Am I giving you a headache with this rambling about headaches? Ramble, ramble, Oooo my head hurts. Enough about headaches, mine is getting worst.

I’ve got a bit of work to do until it is perfect with me. I have decide to play around with a web site. Work on that project should start by the end of the year. Is that a long enough time for my perpetual procrastination? (see last blog). I will start working on the site by next weekend. I’ll tell you the name I chose in a future posting.

I guess I’ll let you go for now, since you all have headaches.


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