Adventures In Computing

July 6, 2006


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Procrastination: Why do it today, when you can put it off indefinitely? My definition of procrastination. That is why I have not posted my thoughts and comments for over a week. What have I been doing since the last time? I have been setting up the email service at work. I am also trying to create a stationary that is sent when we send email. It does not work. I will figure out what I am doing wrong and fix it. Now that’s thinking positively!

I am thinking of creating my on web page. I don’t know what to do. Today I have been thinking of domain names and all the one I want are taken.,,, etc. I thought of, but I don’t want to be sued. Why have a web page when I have blogger you might ask? I am asking myself the same question. To be (on the internet) or not to be (on the internet)? That is the question. An answer will be forthcoming . Remember my definition of procrastination above well I’m using it now.

I won’t be mentioning my life with SuSE this time around, because nothing has changed since the last time (that damn procrastination again!). I said I would add pictures to this blog I hope you like it. I actually thought of only putting pictures of food like last time, but I think it would have gotten old fast. Instead I’ll post pictures that have nothing to do with this blog.

Until next time keep on rocking in the free world.

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