Adventures In Computing

May 20, 2006

New Ball Game

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The eagle has landed and openSuSE has been installed. Hip! Hip! Hourah! One of the first thing I learned after installing linux was that linux is not a “whole new ball of wax”, it’s not a ball its a cube and it’s not made of wax it’s some kind of plastic. In other words it’s not the same thing as windows.

It took me 1 hour to connect to the internet, I have an external ADSL modem. Before I gave up for the day I was trying to install plug ins for Firefox and could not find where it was installed. The filling system in a linux base is totally different than XP. Right now it make no sense to me. I have alot of things to learn and to figure out.

On a personal note, my father was released from the hospital yesterday. He’s been operated for an aortic aneurism. An aorte is usually 33mm in diameter and they operate when it swells to 40mm, my fathers was at an amazing 100mm. The surgeon says that he was lucky that it didn’t rupture. My father has gout and because of the surgery, he could not take his indocide so his foot is killing him he says that it is worse that the operation. I am very glad that he is alright. I love you dad.

Enough of “Adventures in medicine”. I won’t be playing with my computer this weekend since I’ll be going to my parents for the long weekend.

That’s it for now, til next time, bye.

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